When you’re not buying stock in the stock market, you’re investing in real estate!

Investment banking intern at sofi investing.

I love this internship.

I had a great experience.

I was able to get into an internship that would allow me to do a real estate business.

It was an amazing experience.

This internship really helped me grow as a person and as a professional.

I worked with real estate agents and real estate investors in Miami, Florida.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn a lot about real estate.

I met some real estate professionals and I learned a lot of valuable information.

I felt like I had the skills to build a realty business.

I also learned a great deal about how to sell real estate and get the money to invest in realtors.

This is a great job.

I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in realtor careers.

-Gabe A.R.C.M., investment banker, Miami, FL.

Read moreI had the opportunity during my internship to work with realtorturer, KPMG.

This was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of real estate investing, but I also had the chance to learn how to get the funds I needed to purchase real estate from an investor.

This intern also helped me get started in realty and how to work effectively with a realtor.

It gave me a great understanding of how to negotiate with a developer and get an idea of how the developer would handle my project.

I have to say, the internship was a good experience.

My experiences with this company were positive.

It helped me to develop my real estate skills.

My goal was to get started as a realtor and then sell realtours properties.

I ended up getting an internship with a major real estate firm in the next few months.

It took a lot longer than expected, but it was definitely worth it.

I also have the opportunity now to work for the real estate agency of the city of Orlando, Florida, as a full-time, part-time realtor.

This agency specializes in realestate development.

I’m excited to be a part of their team.

I hope I’m able to help them develop projects with the city.

This opportunity will allow me the opportunity of a lifetime to help the city and help build real estate for its residents.

I can’t wait to work there.

I love the job!

I’m so excited to get this opportunity!

-Linda C., realtor, Orlando, FLI am a full time, part time, full-service, realtor with the agency.

This position was great!

I was hired as a part-timer and I was given a great learning experience and an opportunity to develop a great business and become an asset for the city I live in.

This will definitely be a great stepping stone to a great career!

-Cheryl S., real estate agent, Orlando FLI’m really looking forward to this opportunity to work at an agency.

It’s a great place to learn about realtoring, how to run a real property office, and get a better understanding of the business side of realtory.

I think it will be great to work in the realtor business and to develop relationships with realty owners.

It will definitely take some time to get used to all the different types of realtor jobs that are available in Orlando, but once you get used, it will definitely make a difference!

-Michael R., realtoreader, OrlandoFLI really enjoy the internship.

This experience has given me a new appreciation for real estate investments and the people who make them.

I’ve had a lot more confidence in my ability to help realtores clients as a result of this experience.

-John W., realty agent, Miami FloridaI’m looking forward that I will have a great internship experience.

The opportunity to get my business off the ground was an exciting one and I’m very excited to learn more about this opportunity.

I will work hard to become an experienced agent.

-Marjorie B., realestate agent, Naples, FLThe opportunity to travel the world has always been one of the greatest joys of my life.

I have always been a passionate traveler and I am thrilled to be able to do what I love most: be a real-estate agent!

I am extremely excited to continue to travel around the world and I hope to work as much as possible to help my clients as much and as efficiently as possible.

This job is a dream come true for me.

-Dana B., broker, Miami FLI love my new job.

It is a tremendous opportunity to help out in an exciting industry.

I look forward to working with clients in Miami and other areas of Florida.

This type of internship allows me to be in the same room with some of the most talented realtORS around the globe.

-Travis R., broker/investment manager, Tampa, FLMy new