When are you going to be investing in the first-ever space program?

The Federal government is making a big bet on the next generation of space travel, but its plans for it haven’t been announced.

A number of announcements have been made since the launch of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule on July 3.

They include a deal to invest $1.5 billion in Canadian space companies, a move that will see Canadian companies including Bombardier Aerospace and Bombardir Space Systems work with the federal government on space programs.

A Canadian Space Agency spokesperson said the agency “is currently evaluating potential commercial opportunities in space for its Canadian Space Program,” and it is “continuing to evaluate its business case for a joint venture with the United States for commercial space operations.”

The agency declined to comment further.

The space agency says it will decide in the next 12 months if it will pursue a joint partnership with the US.

One Canadian company, Constellation Systems, has said it’s looking to develop the technology necessary to launch Canadian companies to the International Space Station.

The company said it has “the capability and the experience to deliver on that goal” with the Canadian Space Fund.

Another Canadian company called the Canadian Commercial Space Agency (CCSA) says it is working with NASA to create a Canadian Commercial Crew program to help get Canadians to the ISS.

The Canadian Space Investment Fund has said that the $1 billion investment will help “continue to support Canada’s leadership in the commercial space industry” and said the Canadian government has committed $2 billion over five years to support the Canadian space industry.CBC News reported in January that NASA is looking to spend $10 billion on the development of a new space station that could house a crew of Canadian astronauts, and it would be built on private soil.

It also reported that NASA wants to invest up to $15 billion in new launch vehicles to make it possible to send astronauts to the station, and that it is seeking to develop commercial launch vehicles and launch pads.

The United States Space Agency said it will also be investing $10.5 million to develop a commercial launch vehicle to transport astronauts to and from the space station.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration also said it would invest up $20 million over five to 10 years to develop and launch the first Canadian astronauts to space.

Canada’s Space Policy Institute says the country’s space program is focused on getting Canadian companies on the station by 2020.

It said the first crewed mission to the space stations is scheduled for 2024.