How to invest in India’s growth story

The investment industry in India is highly diversified, offering funds ranging from high-growth funds like PIMCO to low-growth ones like Fidelity Investments and KKR.

The focus on equity is part of the reason why the country has attracted more than $300 billion in investment in recent years, according to the World Bank.

The main reason is a robust infrastructure sector, which has enabled the country to expand its exports.

As part of that, foreign investors have been investing in Indian companies, particularly those with a strong focus on renewable energy.

These include solar energy companies like Reliance Jio Infra, which is owned by the Indian government, and Reliance Industries Ltd., which is also owned by Reliance, and has a strong presence in the manufacturing sector.

In 2018, India’s government invested $2.4 billion in renewable energy, a move that has been lauded by the US government.

As the world’s third-largest economy, India is a prime location for investment in the global market.

But the country still has much to learn in terms of how to manage its growth and economic future, said V.R. Srinivasan, a managing director at Indian Funds.

The country has a massive amount of untapped growth potential, he added.

“We have a massive untapped opportunity for India.

And we’re in the process of being able to capitalize on that opportunity.”