Google to cut 1,000 jobs as it ramps up efforts to save its stock

The company’s stock is up 2% in early trading this morning.

But it still doesn’t match the gains of other tech stocks like Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.

The stock rose as high as $107 in late-July, but it has since fallen a little.

That’s because investors are worried about the company’s latest move, to cut about 1,100 jobs.

Google has been working with the Federal Trade Commission to help companies comply with the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

That legislation requires companies to disclose how they plan to pay workers when the government decides to impose capital gains tax.

Google says it will use its existing incentive program to help pay for those workers’ salaries and benefits.

But that’s still a far cry from the billions of dollars in revenue the company has promised.

Google’s stock has also been under pressure for months as it struggles to maintain revenue growth and profits.