Ally invests in investment bonds

Ally Capital has invested in two investment bonds, one of which is an investment bond from UBS.

The other is an asset allocation bond issued by UBS, according to a press release from the firm.

The two investment securities are part of the Ally Capital Capital Bond ETF (ACBT), the first ETF to offer mutual fund products.

The bond ETF is based on the asset allocation ETF and is backed by the assets of Ally Capital and its affiliates.

Ally Capital invested in the two bond products with $4.4 billion in assets.

The bonds are backed by Ally Capital’s cash and assets and the funds are backed with Ally Capital.

The fund has been offered by Ally for years, but the company has recently been trying to bring its investments to market.

Ally announced in November that it would sell its stake in its asset allocation fund, which it said had grown into a $2.4 trillion portfolio.