How to invest in the world’s best investment banks, and how to choose the best one

Financial advisor, and finance expert, Brian L. Shih, answers the questions you asked in our interview.1.

How much is the investment bank industry worth?2.

How well do the investment banks make money?3.

Which investment banks are worth investing in?4.

How does a bank’s stock perform?5.

How do investment banks stack up against each other?6.

What is the best investment bank for investors who want to make a large profit on a small investment?7.

How should investors who invest in investment banks choose a bank?8.

How would you rank the top investment banks for the average investor?9.

What are the best investments for someone who has no financial or investment background?10.

Which companies are the most innovative in the investment banking industry?11.

Which banks have the highest fees?12.

Which investments are the highest risk, most expensive to manage, and best suited for long-term investment?13.

What makes a good investment banker?14.

What types of investments should a bank hold?15.

How often do investment bankers get paid?16.

How will investing bankers compare to their peers in other industries?17.

Which industry types would you like to see the best growth in?18.

What do investment banking professionals say about their work?19.

What does a good investing banker do?20.

What would an average investment banker do if he or she were not working for a financial institution?21.

Which types of companies are considered the best in the financial services industry?22.

How can an investor determine which bank is best for her investment?23.

What will a bank tell you about their investments?24.

What should an investment banker be looking for in a portfolio?25.

What characteristics are most important to consider when making a decision on which investment bank to invest with?26.

What kinds of investment options are available for investors?27.

Which of the top three banks has the best track record of success?28.

What factors are important to look for when choosing a fund manager for an investment portfolio?29.

Which kinds of investments are most likely to be successful?30.

How important are the financial sector investments?31.

How is a bank to an individual’s personal financial situation?32.

How did you get into financial services?33.

Which bank should I invest in?34.

What financial institutions do you like best in terms of investment quality?35.

How many investment banks do you think are the world leaders in their respective fields?36.

Which financial institutions should I buy into?37.

What’s the biggest mistake investors make when choosing an investment bank?38.

What role does a portfolio manager play in making an investment decision?39.

What can you expect from a fund or mutual fund manager?40.

What kind of investments would you prefer to make?